A town in Bergen County, New Jersey. Was 80% italian populated now 80% Korean populated. Even the cops are 100% Korean. They don't use knight sticks but rather numb chucks to beat down their fellow korean civilians. You may also find groups of mexicans in ally ways. The town is full of posers and full of people who can't drive so enter little korea at your own risk.
Hajima pabo tonkoya shiba! palisades park!
by muddafucca212 August 27, 2009
Top Definition
A Bergen County town where the population went from 80% Italian to 80% Korean in almost overnight. Broad Ave has turned not into China Town, but u guessed it, Korean town. Also Columbia Ave has one of the countries highest popuation of illegal aliens.
Palisades Park has no night life
by BGFU April 29, 2006
Palisades Park is the most gangster spot in all of New Jersey. well, except for West New York.
Stop reading this Pop. Palisades Park.
by StudentStudent March 25, 2008
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