Failure to cogently respond to a direct question via unfocused circumlocution.
Being ignorant of the subject, the student unconvincingly palined when called upon in class.
by Rufus The Dumb Dog October 02, 2008
palin (v.) - to avoid a question by reciting an idea unrelated to the question

Comes from the Governor Sarah Palin. In debates and interviews she would avoid questions.
Lucian: Did you catch the debate last night?
Emma: No, why?
Lucian: Well, they were palining the questions anyways.
by Anti-Herd October 07, 2008
Palin (v) to bluff poorly, esp. with regard to some basic knowledge.
"When he brought up the electoral college I thought he would palin, but he actually knew his shit."

"I’m going to have to palin my presentation tomorrow if I have another drink."

(first spotted at
by mike1199 October 02, 2008
to say something completely irrelevant, ridiculous or stupid
- "dude, nice palin" - said after your friend says something stupid to a girl

- "it was a real palin moment" - said after a lady has a conversation with a stupid red neck

- 'wow, i really palin'ed that one' - said after 9 putting 2 feet away from the hole

by enochroot1 October 05, 2008
A verb meaning to fuck something up incredibly and almost beyond belief.

Comes from the name of 2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin and her lulzy interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric.
I tried to change my tire and wound up burning down a hospital. Man, I really Palined that.
by GumboSteve October 16, 2008
To avoid the question you don't know the answer to with nonsensical jibberish or by changing the subject.
She accused Steve of cheating and he just tried to Palin his way out of it.
by Gram1 November 07, 2008
1) n. anything woefully underqualified for a given task
2) v. to select without regard for consequences; to use folksy language but not actually say anything, often used when speaker does not know what they are talking about
1) I can't believe they promoted that palin instead of me. He can barely pronounce his own name!

If you want to kill a moose, a BB gun is a real palin.

2) They definitely palined that car. It doesn't even have an engine, much less a driver's seat.

Steve: Hey man, did you...?
Bob: You betcha. *Wink* Doggoneit, I sure have a history of...
Steve: Shut up and listen to the question! I don't want to hear your palining.
by Oilrig Palin October 12, 2008
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