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An internationally-recognized travel document that gives Palestinians the ability to travel all over the world except Israel.

It is made of paper and ink like any other national passport and can not be used to replace a sharp tool.

Holders of Israeli passports sometimes use the Palestinian one to travel to countries with no established ties with Israel (mainly in the Middle East).

Since it contains the word Palestinian, it might be used to incite hatred against the Palestinians by people of strong bias and shallow knowledge.

See Israel
Gap year student No. 1: "I can't travel to Lebanon or Algeria with my Israeli passport."

Gap year student No. 2: "Dude, get a Palestinian passport!"
by Gahgear December 05, 2010
A boxcutter or any razor-bladed opening type object
Did you hear Sumir got pinched at the airport for having his palestinian passport on him
by PorchMonkeyWhitey July 19, 2008