One of nine playable classes in the game World of Warcraft. Currently, Paladins are specific to the Alliance, and can only be either Dwarves or Humans. In short time, however, Paladins will also be playable by the Horde, as Blood Elves.

Paladins are often thought of as easy-mode players because of the Paladin class ability to wear the heaviest class of armor, wield a large variety of weapons, and have the ability to heal themselves in combat. They are sometimes likened to adolescent/immature players, or mentally handicapped. The underlying irony of those insults is that they are made by other players of the same game, and they are no more intelligent or mature than any other player of said game.

Truth be told, Paladins are no more viable than any other class in World of Warcraft. Every class has the choice to specialize in three different aspects of their abilities, and the Paladins are no exception. They can choose to be exceptional healers, psudo-tanks, or powerful damage dealers. The misconception is that they can perform all three roles simultaneously, which is simply not true.

The Paladin class can be a very entertaining class to play at all stages of its development, be it during the levelling process, PvP, or PvE content. They posess a rich variety of spells and abilities that not only make them exceptionally survivable, but a true blessing to any group.
"Unlike you, I choose to play my Paladin the way it was meant to play, as a versatile support class capable of multiple roles."

"Have you bubble-hearthed yet?"

by Lillithu October 11, 2006
In World of Warcraft, a Paladin is an Alliance-only class which is a cross between a warrior and a healer. Paladins have various ways to make themselves invulnerable, and through their various ways of healing, make every one-on-one fight with one take far too long to be worth your time. Thus, it makes the class very appealing to wussies, n00bs, and 12 year olds. In comparision to all other classes, Paladins require the least amount of skill to play and win with.
Dude, Gary went Paladin. I've lost all respect for him.

Paladins are Warriors with training wheels.
by wowed_out April 01, 2005
A peice of shit character on world of warcraft,They lack skills because they rely on their free steeds and fucked up aurmour.Half the time the fucking bitches hide behind their fag boy magic to "own" noobz,But in reality paladins are total fucktards.One paladin that stands out is Sparteh of the server Ursin, he is owned by none other then Tarvsi Eanday AKA Travis,Travis is a radically strange and racist user who thinks world of warcraft is based on his fucktard paladin.He thinks he can onw because of his 1 hit every 3.6 seconds and his trinket and divine intervention...But he is actualy a fucking noob.Because I could own him on a rouge like pfft just stealth and backstab the nigger.This is travis reaction when told him on msn that i could own him with my mates rogue.Blakeus: i could own u on my freinds rogue.
LALWL NOT EVEN NOOOB I would uze teh trinket and hit U LOILOL)OLOLOLOLOL U RNOOB NOOB LOLOL WTF I would uze my mad as divine intervention to maKE ME SO 1337 lwlwlewl rofL and THEN I WOULD HEAL UPZORSSSDSSS >loloL.ollOLOL OLOLOLO LR ETT TEEEE EETT TEET TTT.
If you wopuld like a better definition of paladin see the words
Fucktard,Pussy,Bitch,Woman or noob.
Travis has a noob paladin that eats arse.
Blakeus:Polymorphed nigga get dat shit outta here!
Blakeus:Polymorphed again,trinketr wont help now,u have to wait 5 mins.Frost nova!
Travis:I can just cleanise that shit.
Blakeus:Pyroblast,Frost nova
by Blakeus May 05, 2006
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