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Palace of Wisdom is a Boston area heavy metal band that formed in the early 90s. They derived their name from the William Blake quote "the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."
Lloyd's favorite Palace of wisdom song is Kill Machine.

I saw Palace of Wisdom at the Rathskeller with Gertrude in 1997.
#palace of wisdom #william blake #boston #rathskeller #heavy metal #band
by Rabelshaw March 13, 2010
A Group of Adolescants commonly refered to as the Palace of Wisdom. To join them you must be part of an exclusive membership. The Palace of Wisdom is neither Sweet nor Sour.
By having affiliation with the Palace of Wisdom an aura of intellectualism surrounds you.
Bob: Hey man. How did you feel about that test in Biology?

Joe: I was nervous and I thought I was gonna do terrible but as I when I was taking it, it felt like the easiest test ever.

Bob: Ah, you must have had the help of the Palace of Wisdom.

Joe: Neither Sweet nor Sour.
#palace of wisdom #sweet #sour #intellectualism #exclusive #membership #professional #wrestler #john #morrison
by Alejandro Giorditaggio October 04, 2008
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