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Alliterative term for S & XS (Small & eXtra-Small) sized Panther Condoms. As opposed to Dalit Panther Condoms, which are L & XL (large & eXtra-Large). So called on account of the immense popularity of Black Panther Condoms among South Asian Muslim men, as well due to the inferior size of the Caucasoid Pakistani Penis or Indian Muslim Penis as compared to the Negroid-Australoid Dalit Penis or Shudra Penis. Overlaps with the related 'Punjabi Panther Condoms'.

The wide usage of Panther Condoms among Indo-Pak Islamites is based on the strong preference our fair Pakistani, Indian Muslim & Bengali women have for the black & hence full-sized Dravidian Penis & Makrani Penis. This well-documented sexual bias of our Bibis, Banos & Begums is exemplified by the cases of Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatun, Tabu Hashmi, Jyothika
Sadanah & Tehmeena Afzal. It is depicted in songs like 'Kala Shah Kala', 'Sapele Been Baja De' & 'Aaya Ek Sapela', & in movies such as 'Razia Sultan' (1983), 'Everywhere & Nowhere' (2011) & 'Bhaji on the Beach' (1993).

This predeliction forces us 'Paki Boys' to attempt to 'match up' to the penis size of Afro-Dravidian men & internalise Dravidian Penis Envy. Given that 'Panther' is a South Asian code-word for Dalit Panther, we 'Pakis' believe that wearing Pakistani Panther Condoms transmigrationally enhances the real, or at least apparent, size of the Asian 'Pakidick', thus enabling it to compete with the 'Madrasi Nigger Dick'.
1) Paki Panther: I love Pakistani Panther Condoms because they make my Paki Dick look big!

Paki Begum: Jaanu (darling), you should start wearing Pakistani Panther Condoms!
Paki Sahib: Why?
Paki Begum: I hear it'll make your small Paki Penis bigger!
Paki Sahib: Thanks - I'll start tonight!

Paki Jehadi: Islam is in danger! Our Begums are running off with Sambar Niggers & West Indies Niggers! We must do something to match their penis size! We have to take immediate action to impress our Begums with giant lingams!
Paki Boy: How will we do that?
Paki Jehadi: When you can't beat 'em - join 'em! We must wear Pakistani Panther Condoms!
- 'Paki Penis is small' Arif Khan. Topix 24 Feb 2012

4) Panther has been the no. 2 brand in East Pakistan for years:

Brand ... Units Sold. Price
Raja .... 105.0 mill. 0.50 taka ($.009)
Panther .. 34.4 mill. 1.25 taka ($.023)
Sensation . 9.0 mill. 3.33 taka ($.062)
- ('A Consequence of Success: The Issue of Contraceptive Security in Bangladesh - A Discussion Paper' Anthony A. Hudgins. Arlington, Va.: John Snow, Inc./DELIVER, for the U.S. Agency for International Development, 2002, p.14)

Recently, this share has increased to 22%, with the decline of Raja Condoms:

Brand ..... Mill Sold
Raja ...... 47.0 m
Panther ... 30.7 m
Hero ...... 29.5 m
Sensation . 25.6 m
U&Me ...... 06.1 m
East Pakistan or Bangladesh Condom Sales
(millions of units sold,, 5 Sep 2011)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 24, 2012
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