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Penis of a castrated male, a eunuch (hijra) or a transman (trans man). Basically, a wimp who can't get it up and portrays his masculinity/machismo by beating up women or poor/crippled people.
That pakistani penis broke his wife's jaw, but she still not pregnant.
by skcpublic July 27, 2011
Blanket term for a Punjabi Penis, Afghan Penis, Kashmiri Penis, Indus Penis or a Sindhi Penis. Averaging 4.5-4.9 inches, the 'Paki Dick' is one size larger than the e'X'tra-'S'mall 3.5-4.5 in North Indian Penis & Greek Penis. Thus, it belongs to the 'S'mall category, along with the German Penis & Anglo Penis. Hence, it measures below the 'M'edium 5-5.5 in French Penis & is dwarfed by the 'L'arge 6-9 in Makrani Penis &
Dravidian Penis:

Eth Grp (Region) _ Lngt cm (in) . Ref
Makrani (Angola) . 15.73 (6.19) . a
Dravidian (A P) .. 14.00 (5.51) . b
Pakistani (Pak) .. 12.20 (4.80) . a
Iranian (Iran) ... 11.58 (4.56) . c
Pakistani (Pak) .. 11.43 (4.5) .. d
Bengali (B.desh) . 11.20 (4.4) .. a
N Indian (Punj) .. 10.24 (4.0) .. e

a. Tatu Westling 'Male organ & economic growth: does size matter?' Uni of Helsinki. Discn Paper Nu 335, 11 Jul 2011. MPRA Paper Nu 32706,

b S Krishnamurti. 'Multi-Ethnic Indian Penis Size Study' in: '11th Biennial Meetg of the Asia Pac Soc for Sexual Med Oct 6-10, 2007, Jeju, Korea' J Sexual Med v5 sup5 (Dec 2008) 197-258
c D Mehraban et al 'Penile size & somatometric param.s am.g Iranian normal adult men' Int J Impot Res 19.3 (May-Jun 2007) 303-9
d Dr M Alam 'Penis size' Noor Clinic, A-298 Block L, N Nazimabad, Karachi, 18 Mar 2012.
e ICMR, cited in 'The best-endowed men in the world!' 29 Mar 2011
1) "The average penis size in Pakistan is 4.5 inch; some guys have smaller then 3.5 inch & have enough children." 'Penis size' Dr M Alam (malam01, 48 yr old) 18 Mar 2012.

2) "Well, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research, the avg. Indian man measures 10.24 cm or 4 inches. Sex specialists may scream themselves hoarse that size doesn't
matter, but genetics can still be cruel. In the 4 inch slot our only companions are Cambodia and Thailand, with even Bangladesh outdoing us by 0.4 valuable inches. ... Okay,
this one's going to crush you (no pun intended!), so brace yourself -- Pakistani men rated higher than us, at 12.2 cm or 4.8 inches!" - 'The best-endowed men in the world!'
29 Mar 2011

3) "Yes, it's true we have small lunds. We are only slightly bigger than North Indians. That is due to our Caucasoid descent, for our ancestors evolved shrunken genitalia in the ice-cold & oxygen-deprived Irano-Turanian climate of the Irano-Afghan highlands. For this reason our beautiful Pakistani & Indo-Muslim females prefer Makrani Negroids, Dravidians & West Indies Nigroes, as proven by the real-life cases of Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon, Jyothika Sadhana & Tehmeena Afzal & as shown in the films 'Everywhere & Nowhere' & 'Bhaji on the Beach'." - 'Pakistani Penis is small' Asif Khan,, 24 Oct 2010.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012

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