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Alcohol, in any form.
This has been the worst week, only a little pain go bye-bye juice can make it better.
by Meredith Hoke October 25, 2008
More comonly known as heavens nectar, paingobyebye juice is any sort of strong alcohol you dirty little kids can get your hands on. To men the paingobyebye juice can be known as sex aider, making the girl horney and sexualy attracted to you, no matter how damb ugly you are. Paingobyebye juice can be anything from tequila to hard core jello shots. Hellz ya!
p.s. paingobyebye can work either way you would like it to. Pronounced...
(pain-go-bye-bye- juice)
1.Whenever little Daron is getting upset he takes a little paingobyebye juice from his dad to calm his nerves.
2.When Joey is looking for a cheap bj from the happygolucky girl next to him he locks in the deal with a little paingobyebye juice.
by xZULU LIV3Sx April 27, 2009
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