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To give a high amount of pain to another whilst wearing an American Football Jersey usually involving a football tackle/spearing
That fool didnt complete his report so I gave him a slice of Terry's special pain cake.
by Roustov April 16, 2008

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Servings of pure pain delivered by means of the fist, leg, penis, and other extremities. They are most commonly served by covering the body of one (usually smaller) with the body of another (usually a wrestler). They are oftentimes served from dawn until dusk at the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PAINCAKES. The servers at the INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PAINCAKES include Chuck Norris, Chris Rock, and Epic Beard Man.
by k_cuz July 07, 2010
A huge nipple that reminds one of a pancake, usually used by people who do not like big nipples
ewwwwwwww, she has paincakes.
by Fallen92 March 07, 2010