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A phrase or word you add into the first post on a page in a web forum.

This is done using the EDIT function which means it must be done within 10 minutes of posting. After 10minutes the forum won't let you edit anymore.
If you miss this window because you used the Quick Reply function and didn't notice that you got the top post, you are said to have been QRIMPED.

This eventuallity falls firmly in the 'Shit Happens' category.

An 'Edit-less PageDance' is frowned upon as this is proof that you have 'post-counted' the previous page.
Post-counting is not kewl.

PageDances vary.
GILD does PANTSULA, a traditional dance in South Africa, with variations to fit the topic that's being discussed. John Childs offers a liquid poem to the glory of the hops and Kristine types the song she's listening to at the time in pink, her favourite colour.

The known record for continuous PageDances is thought to be seven but it is unclear.
The term originated in the Unicyclist Forums in the thread Most Replies.
Hey check out that awesome page dance GILD just did.
by Carson Cole September 21, 2007
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