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An afro made with pubic hair or hair that looks like pubic hair. It has the traits of pubic hair, but is extremely thick and bunched together like an afro and is also very firm. Commonly located where the pubic hairs are found but can be wherever hair on the body is. For example, it could be located on somone's head, armpits, chest, or even back.
Dude, did you pet Matthew's pafro today?

Ya, I think he shampood it last night, it was extra firm.
by SupremePhreak January 10, 2008
A really hairy cooter. A Pussy with an afro.
Holy shit dude! That chick's pafro is sticking out of her jeans! Nasty...
by tk22 July 07, 2006
a persian afro, sometimes causing confusion among witnesses as it produces an immediate urge to go to a middle eastern disco
baba look at Ali's pafro, i love dat hair es-tyle. Let me i jast dance et up!
by sherv-ali February 18, 2007
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