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Reminiscent of high school days, the Padiddle bomb is based on the car game where guys and gals drive around at night, if a car comes in sight with one headlight or one taillight out, all passengers hit the ceiling and yell "Padiddle!!" Whichever gender hit the ceiling first wins the round and the opposite gender has to remove an article of clothing

The Padiddle bomb consists of a half a glass of bud light, which during our teen years was the most popular and cheapest beer at the time. The pissy and bitter taste of the bud light is complimented by dropping in a shot of soco, known for its sweetness and smooth texture when going down one's throat. The drink has a certain sweet aftertaste that instantly shoots all who drink it back to their younger years of shoulder tapping for cheap beer with their meager earnings from working part time at Dunkin donuts, sneaking from their parents' liquor cabinets and going on joyrides with the pretty girl from algebra in the hopes of seeing her naked.
"Dude let's get fucked up on paddidle bombs!"
"Like that game we played in high school? Hell yeah!"
by Farzoid1 March 03, 2013
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