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An otherwise intelligent person of any race who is on the path to becoming a mindless slave to popular culture. This person was once able to think for himself but is slowly conforming to the values of mainstream society. Seeing how niggers are respected by others, especially women, who are solely concerned with superficialities, such as whether he is wearing the freshest Tims or how over-sized and gaudy his jewelry is, he is beginning to dress and act ridiculously. He may still be doing well in school, but as he moves forward with his training, he will ultimately become an easily manipulated automaton who will eagerly do anything to please his master, Popular Opinion. When fully trained, a Padawan Nigger can serve as a prime contributor to the downfall of any free society.
My brother is a Padawan Nigger. His training has progressed from when he wore normal-sized clothing and laughed at people who cared about their shoes to now, when he wears hoodies with stacks of $100 bills on them, smokes weed, and listens mostly to rap music. He is slowly turning to the "dark" side. Soon his grades will start to slide, he'll drop out of school, and he will finally be a true master of the nigger arts by spending his welfare check on marijuana and 22 inch rims.
by Master Bovice-Wan Kenobi May 04, 2008
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