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In drum corps, pad hands are the inability to hit a rimshot; a product of playing on a rimless practice pad.
Dude 1: "Man, I just got cut from the BlueCoats..."
Dude 2: "What happened man? You miss those rimshots again?:
Dude 1: "Yeah, me and my damn pad hands."
by RandomDrummer June 23, 2009
A serious condition in which drummers who drum exclusively on a gum-rubber pad or any other type of drum pad (i.e. HQ ReelFeel) cannot execute what they can play on a pad correctly onto an actual drum. Causes major embarassment when you want to show off to your friends what you can play on your drum pad, but can't play it on an instrument.
Derek: Johnny's been playing flam 5's on his ReelFeel pad but when I told him to play it on my marching snare, he failed miserably.

Jim: Sounds like Johnny's got a bad case of pad hands.

Johnny: Fuc* you guys
by SDdrummer2012 December 16, 2011
A great set of cards in a card game. The winning set of cards.

In the movie Stand by Me, the boys were playing some card game and Chris declared that he won and Teddy accused him of lying.
Chris announced, "I knock."

"You liar! You ain't got no pad hand!" Teddy accused in response to Chris' laughter. "You didn't deal yourself no pad hand!"
by virgocubb February 18, 2012
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