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Anyone who shops at Pac-Sun (Mostly Guys) with a wardrobe or various brands which Pac-Sun sells. All their jeans are Bullhead and the shoes are either DC, Nike 6.0's Etnies, Dvs or Ipath bought from Pac-Sun or Journeys which is nearby. Assciates with other similar people, like Mall Rats. Skateboard Posing Bros, really. Skateboarders hate them, and various people aswell. Some are popular, others are fucks. Most Pac-Sun Heroes are familiar with pot or they sell the stuff, but never do any hardcore drugs. The name "Pac-Sun Hero" originated when someone was like "Look at him, what a.... Pac.... Sun.... Hero...! He's a Pac-Sun He-Rooooo." Reworded from that song "Juke-Box Hero." Pac-Sun Heroes hate being called that. They especially hate being called it when you say "Pac-Sun Hero" after you walk by them. Get the funniest reaction from it. They Don't skateboard or surf like what the brands are actually for.
Kev- "Look at that Dood! What a Pac-Sun Hero! He's a Pac-Sun He-Rooooooooo"
Lyj- "Hahahahaha Dooooood hell yeah! Haha!"
Satch- "Ahhhh what a Fuck!"
by Lyjrador-skater February 26, 2011
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