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The elite twentieth century painter, master of Cubism. And he was NEVER called an asshole - even though he was only 5 foot 3.
Well some people try to pick up girls
And get called assholes
This never happened to pablo picasso
He could walk down your street
And girls could not resist his stare and
So Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.
by Dylan J. Hewson January 06, 2008
While having sex, stick a large paintbrush in your partners butt. Then proceed to paint a taco on their face.
Me: I'm totally going to get some, but I don't know if I should bring a paintbrush.
Friend: Why would you bring a paintbrush?
Me: Because she might want a Pablo Picasso.
by Dr. Evan "Bitches" McLovin August 21, 2007
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