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1. You spend $100 (or more) on alcoholic beverages, then bring 5 ladies to your dorm room. You feel lucky, you're positive you're going to get laid. That is until the ladies drink your whole stash and ditch you, leaving you dry with your hands down your pants.
Ladies: Yeah...uh...we got to use the bathroom...
Unlucky dude: Ok cool, just come back when you're done.
Friend: You dumbass, you just got pablo'd!
by Timmy Thompson January 14, 2006
To fall into a drunken sleep in what seems like a respectable home or hotel only to be awakened by constant attempts of a person speaking broken english to partake in sexual relations with you. Often the broken english speaker is completely undeterred by the strong scent of vomit on your breath.
Wow, I thought everything was fine when I passed out in Mountain Brook but then I totally got Pablo'd by that dude!
by bored35 December 19, 2006
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