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Acronym for "prepare your anus." This phrase is commonly attributed as an answer to any question. Lo and behold, for you can prepare your own or someone elses anus.

The history behind this phrase is quite long. On a warm December afternoon in Georgetown Pike Va, a group of mentally challenged (and a certified retard) were walking back to their school, talking about the dumbest shit because they were all fucked up dipshits as i've mentioned before. No one really knows exactly how "prepare your anus" was come up with, but once the words were uttered from the tall one's mouth (fuck it, they were all tall) the divinity and meaning of the answer to everything in the world was instantly decided by the chosen ones. it would be known that in hard times and emmotional moments, "prepare your anus" is the answer to all our problems. So, starting from december 3rd, 2012, history has finally becoming worthy in it's making. The benefits of "prepare your anus" have established the creation of the "family turnip" rather than the "family tree", were creepy random indians are uncles of white people who practice polygamy and engage in underage lesbian marriage.
Lizzie: "Hey Sean, ready for tonight?"

Mrs.Statz: "Aleks, why the fuck are you wearing a shirt with marijuana on it, you ghetto little piece of shit?"
Aleks: "uh...UH, pya (prepare your anus)?"
Mrs.Statz: "hm, good answer. I'll let you off with the rest of your lesbian wives."
by Princess_Gunplay December 03, 2012

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