Acronym: Public Tweet of Affection
Randomgirl: @randomguy hi baby i miss you so much
Randomguy: @randomgirl thanks for the obnoxious PTA
by TWITTERLAW October 22, 2009
an abreviation used to describe someone that is Prone To Anal.
Ryan:(bending down to pick up a candy wrapper)
Will: PTA!
by lum de dum June 21, 2008
guy1:yo son i would love to pta that girl

guy2:dude you need to stopp speaking like that. but true i would do that
by willie boy January 30, 2008
Stands for Pick-up Truck Asshole. Basically someone that drives a pick-up truck who can't drive, acts like they are the only one on the road, or simply just drives like an asshole.
"I can't believe that idiot just ran that red light he almost caused and accident."

"Yea Well its just your typical PTA"
by Brad Dammit January 26, 2007
Pervy Thinkers Association. Started by thinking of witty and perverted comments over the internet at one of the biggest Jpop forums, now getting bigger and branching out to other forums, and even in schools. Commonly mistaken for the the School-PTA, but it's just a trick for the teachers. It's expanding and will soon take over the world.
They mean no harm, and more if it is funnier than it is offensive, as long as you are able to understand and relate.
"Dude, do you remember who started PTA?"
"Yeah, it was sLaVe, it was something about Fujimoto Miki."
"Oh yeah, she totally deserves Perverted thoughts."
by sLaVethatword April 14, 2007
Often a reference to "PTA Gang Bang" the most amazing band EVER. That isn't an opinion. Thats a fact.
"So I was listening to PTA last night"
"WTF dude. You don't listen to PTA, you let their lyrical explosion fill your heart and soul with beautiful sound"
by Atom-The amazing high pitch November 26, 2006

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