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The tendency for people, particularly women, to believe that anything they don't like or are uncomfortable with should be illegal.

The belief that the Government is ultimately responsible for the welfare of everyone but especially children.

Also applies to the belief that all criminals are reprobates who can never be trusted again.
People with PTA Syndrome tend to say things like:

"I don't like guns so any child who ever brings a toy gun to school should be permanently expelled. The Government has to do more to protect my children, since I don't have time."

"Why didn't teachers control my child and stop them from shooting their friends? I send my kids to school to learn how to behave in society, this is not my fault."

"40 years is to short a sentence for that 16 yr-old rapist. He will never change and no one will ever be safe when he's released, even at the age of 56."
by TrevorEG October 29, 2013

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