Plan of Rampage

A pre-constructed list, written with primarily the left hand, describing activities and goals one would like to achieve in the near future.
P.O.R. for Sandy's Eighteenth


Skinny Dip*

Strip Club*

* Drink
by likabigshott July 07, 2009
An amazing guy, a great friend who always has his brothers back. His friends are his family. Some one who never has anything bad to say about anyone. His humor is out of this world and his laugh is contagious. Hes got big balls(if you know what i mean) , he will do almost anything to prove him self, a real man right there. Tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Anyone would be luck to find them selves close to him. one in a million.
por what you doing?
by bluezues October 29, 2015
female student, residing in a Belgian student city (Leuven). Originally it referred to a girl's breasts (the "porren"), but this has evolved.
-"Amai gast wa een hete POR loopt daar rond".
-"wow dude, check out that chick over there"
by DeSvekke June 11, 2004
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