Post-Nightmare Syndrome. When you stay up for ahwile after having a nightmare, or just the annoying replay of scenes fom the nightmare the day after having it.
Person #1: Dude I stayed up for two hours after that nightmare last night
Person# 2: yeah....PNS sucks.
by Jessie!Punk13 November 19, 2012
Stands for "Penis needs stroking". Considered to be the male version of PMS. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to: Tension, irritability, anxiety or depression, trouble sleeping, headache, appetite changes or food cravings. Most common in married men over 30.
-What's with James? Seems like if he's not sleeping, he's heading to the buffet for crab legs. And didn't he punch a hole through his flatscreen the other day??? -His wife won't put out, man. He's suffering from some serious PNS.
by DjCantDance November 09, 2010
Post Nap Syndrome
That awful feeling you get when you wake up from a nap.
Man, I feel like shit after my nap, P.N.S. sucks!
by iluvechuck September 18, 2010
Pre-Nicotine Syndrome. Describes the bitchy, cranky, irritable mindstate prior to having the day's first cigarette.
Why don't you go have a smoke instead of acting like a bitch?
by richie138 June 29, 2009
An acronym for Penis Needs Sucking, a term used to describe a male's monthly mood swings.
John's been so bitchy lately. It must be P.N.S.
by jlocat November 12, 2009
Pns (pronounced Pinuss) are the finest race in the entire universe. They were created by Pns God 'Penis' about 2893393 trillion years ago and are forever embroiled in constant conflict with the Vgn, the scum of the Pns universe which must be annihilated. Pns have the ability to shoot energy from their hands and they weild Pns Blades / Blasters etc into battle. Pns live for about 2924 trillion years each of course, DAH!
Pns: Ah, greetings Pns brother, how many Vgn have you slayed today?
Other Pns: About ten billion, DBOC!
by pnsgeneral November 21, 2011

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