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Literally - "Private Messaged" See PM.
Often seen in online communities bulletin board/forums or chat rooms such as IRC.
Me: I just PM'd you my email addy
You: kthx
by AH_Hornet December 04, 2008
Stands for "Put Me Down" meaning to fill one in or catch someone up on current information/situation(s).
"Fuck these games man, it's time for you to PMD."
by Joshiro007 March 08, 2003
Policy Manual Douche
In the workplace it refers to a middle-manager without the slightest education or wherewith-all to make, and stand by, a decision on their own. The PMD's greatest operational crutch is the company policy manual. Their only quality is having the ability to summarize rules and regulations that were written by someone else. A PMD fears repercussions from upper management and therefore stifles the possibility of a cheerful and productive atmosphere in the workplace. Without the capacity to think independently and offer viable real-world solutions to problems the PMD can literally be replaced by a 30 page company handbook.
PMD: I gotta mark you as being tardy this morning.
John: What? I stay late four days a week on my own recognizance.
PMD: Sorry, my hands are tied. You know the rules. Besides, corporate is coming down on me for allowing you to slide.
John: Sounds good. I'll also stop working overtime voluntarily since the rules state my hours as 9-5 with a 1 hr lunch.
PMD: Wish I could help you out.
John: You just did.
by itakepwnership January 19, 2011
In computing, stands for Personal Media Drive: an extra hard drive to backup your files to.
Have you backed up your files to your PMD lately?
by RenaldoMrSipes November 28, 2010
When a man blows his load to early without the woman having any pleasure.More or less a man's worst enemy happens to the best of us at times.Leaving the woman unsatisfied and the man embarrassed.
Cate:Omg sarah mike pm'd last nite

Sarah:Jesus sarah that guy needs to jack off more or at least before u guys fuck.
by Aaron Phelan July 04, 2010
PMD stands for Post Masturbation Depression and it is the period of time after masturbation when there is no desire for sexual activites.
Girl: Hi, wanna shag me?
Man: No, fuck off, i have PMD.
by Scraggle June 30, 2010
<b>Los Platanos Mas Duro</b>
<i>Its not a gang,</i>
Is A group of Dominicans, mainly
are Strong, Proud, and Hard to give up.
They represent Dominican Republic
all the way. They are proud, Strong, Being the best of all Tribes, Nations, and countries around the whole world.
P.M.D. is trying to Join all hands, around the whole world, with Dominicans everywhere in the world. People from other nations, respect Dominicans, specially if you are in <b>P.M.D.</b>
-are you Dominican


-then you are A P.M.D.
by El Platano Mas Duro July 13, 2008
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