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"Our Focus Here @ Plant-the-Land™ Is To Spread Peace, A Natural Way Of Life, And The Cannabis Plant Around The World Through A Clothing Line You Can Live By." -PLANT-the-LAND™

"Certified Hemp Apparel, Established Early 2009 based out of Phoenix, Arizona USA. Independent Company providing Organic Hemp Apparel for the Every-day Individual that's tired of Wearing and Representing Corporate Main-Stream Clothing."

Most Everything currently being used for Industry, ( Fuel, Fibers, Fabrics, Papers, Paints, Compressed Boarding, Steel, Concrete, Foods, and even Plastics )- Can all be made from Hemp. This will Greatly Improve our Earth and Stop the Corporate Industry from Taking The Earth's Fossil Fuels and Non-renewable Resources.

Peace, Organics, and Cannabis -PLANT-the-LAND™
by PLANT-the-LAND May 29, 2009
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