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Provisional Irish Republican Army

After the 1996 cease fire, this group broke off from the IRA to continute its attacks for a free Ireland.
"The PIRA launched attacks on British troops outside of Belfast today."
by JDawg December 26, 2003
Terrorists who launced an attack on the innocent people of Manchester. Many of the people of Manchester are of Irish ancestry, their ancestors survived the horrific natural disaster the Great Famine and came to England looking for a better life. These people worked hard and intergrated into English society, leaving all victim complex nonsense behind, carving out a good life for themselves. Only for vile left wing terrorists from the Old Country to come over, ruining the peace and start bombing innocent people.
PIRA bombed the city of Manchester in 1996. 200 innocent people were hurt. Other socialist such as Hitler and Stalin would be proud.
by John Bull O'Brien December 31, 2008
Broke off from the cease fire to fight a war against civilians
The PIRA is fucking murderers
by Red Hand Commando January 04, 2005
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