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Pronounced PH Double Dees, is a made up profession given to a chick with huge tits.
Guy 1 "Wo check out that chick's tits! I bet she's gettin' her PHDDs!"
by Radioactive Ape November 28, 2009

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Portable Hard Disk Drive. A small chassis with which you can put your 2.5 inch HDD in. This can connect to your computer via USB cable (maybe firewire aswell :) and allows access to it like any other storage device.
1. "My HDD died on me last night, thoughtfully though I had saved all of my important files on the PHDD."

2. "These PHDD things are great, while they are bigger than a Pen Drive they are still very portable and they hold a great deal more DATA whilst being alot
more CHEAPER".
by booga dan February 05, 2005