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ACTUALLY.. the pg unit thing was just a joke from the beginning of the year and that name hasnt been mentioned since like four months ago until now... and second... what gives? if ur gonna rite an urban dictionary entry about us you should at least have the balls to sign your name to it or at least use your own sn when you were sending it to us... not a little brother's sn hahah...
hmmmm... too much free time on ur hands??
by uhhh thanks?? March 01, 2005
HA HA! You guys think you are so fucking hot. But your just the wannabe's of St. Andrews who decided to pretend they were slutty to get attention but then never follow through. YOU WONT EVEN HOOK UP! We only talked to you because we thought youd put out, but it turns out not only were ALL OF you ugly as shit, but prude too.
you know who you are.. ugly fucks
PG Unit is sposed to stand for pretty girl unit, but no, we all know what it stands for. The prude girl/pretty gross unit is despicable. Not only are they strait NASTY but they are prude!! Can you believe this? I mean if you are a hot, innocent girl, its cool to be prude I guess, but they are ugly so they are supposed to be sluts, wtf?? Anyway, run if you see them, cause you aren't getting any and they are after all, pretty gross.
The prude girl/pretty gross unit doesn't give head, cuz they are gross and prude.
by Fuck You February 27, 2005
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