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Pedophiles Enjoying Twink's Anuses
I saw slick Willy at the PETA rally with a blond twink in tow.
by Jack Meough February 17, 2012
309 58
Insane looneys who compare eating a McDonald's Happy Meal to the Nazis holocaust of the Jews!
PETA is obviously NUTS!
by THEY'RE SICK IN THE HEAD January 29, 2005
450 372
People who give vegetarians and vegans a bad name
Omnivore: I like meat.
Peta member: Murderer!

Omnivore: I like meat.
Regular vegetarian: OK.
by ;iogsd;lkvna;lk July 05, 2009
57 18
One of the most fucked up groups in the history of the world. I say they are up there with the Nazi party. The say they want to help free animals if you watched the Penn & Teller Bullshit episode about PETA (people eating tasty animals) you would understand.
Everyone who is in peta or likes peta should bun in hell
by SyKo KillA Steve-o May 02, 2005
416 378
A physchotic group of morons, whose goal is the total liberation of all animals. They try to achieve this goal by bullying and threatening people that eat meat or use animals for any purpose. They fail to realize that animals are superior to animals. Stay away from these nut jobs.
PETA- People for Extortion Terror and Abuse
by Matt0912 August 23, 2009
59 23
person: i joined PeTA
other person: omgomgomg Terrorist scum *pulls out Ak-47 and obliterates person*
Other person: Another member of peta destroyed w00t.
by afroboi November 30, 2008
68 33
the biggest steaming pile of hippie-shit you will ever lay your eyes on. EVER.

P-eople for the E-thical T-reatment for A-nimals

ETHICAL MY ASS!!! peta is a organization made by, and consists of the worlds most retarded hippies on the face of earth that spews out a never ending stream of bullshit.

peta is the worlds most hated things all out into one delightful package with the word "peta" slapped onto it,
peta is the worlds most hated things all out into one delightful package with the word "peta" slapped onto it
by RESISTANCE IS FUTILE October 13, 2007
85 51
PETA stand for:

Please Eat The Animal
Please eat the animal damn it!!!

by cacacoco June 17, 2009
54 28