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Short term name for Pro Evolution Soccer.
Yes don you up for a game of PES
by SNYPZ May 10, 2006
Poor guy, usually asks for money and never pays it back. Normally irritating and does not return the favour. Usually stares at food and puts on a sad face so his friends feel sorry for him.
Orr that Mike is a bad Pes, he kept mivering me for money for some doughnuts or something!
by Mr Mysterious John March 15, 2013
P.E.S. The male version of the female P.M.S. occuring ((hopefully)) more often though.
P- Pre E- Erection S- Syndrome

Not to be taken lightly.
"Geeze you're in a mood."- Girl
"Sorry. It's P.E.S." -Boy

"What's up with him? He's majorly"

"Wow. He hasn't suffered from P.E.S. in a while..."
by trio December 16, 2004
Pre Exam Shift

Post Exam Shift
Exams are over! I'm out for the PES!
by PESPH May 04, 2013
Like PMS, Pre Menstral Syndrome, Instead, Pre Eating Syndrome. When you are in a shitty mood because you havent eaten for too long. As a woman is in a bad mood when she has PMS because she hasnt had her period in too long.

Same thing as the word Hangry.
David: "Hey Ryan! Think fast!!! (Throws a football at Ryan's head.)

Ryan: "Fuck you!!!"

David: "Whats wrong with you?"

Ryan: "I have PES dude. I havent eaten all day. lets go get somethin to eat"
by Rosco Avery March 05, 2011
PES stands for Phonetics and English speaking, an insanely useless class that is a must take for any student wishing to rot his/her way to glory because of the induced boredom, in a well known institute in western india.
Pronunciation: like 'Piss' ( At least it _should_ be like that)
feeling after attending the class: Like Piss; disgusting, but a feeling of relief after its over.

I have to go for (a) PES
by GDyouknowho March 07, 2009
n- Abbr. Post Ejaculation Syndrome
The inability to be sexually aroused by women, or any sexual stimulus, immediately following ejaculation. Symptoms usually last 5-10 minutes.
Fillip: Check out tha buns on dat hoe! Dontcha just wanna take a bite?

Pete: Ugh, naw man. I got PES

Fillip: Yo Doug, das nasty. Yo gotsta wash yo hands, boi!
by BiddyBizz July 23, 2008
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