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From the word permanent and the acronymn T.W.I.T.

T.W.I.T stands for T-otally W-ithout I-ntelligent T-hought but when combined with PERMA short for permanent is the definition of a person who has permanently been banned from using ISCABBS the Bulletin Board System in IOWA known as ISCABBS, Iowa State Computing Association Bulletin Board System.

These poor unfortunate souls can not use the crappy BBS, ISCABBS ever again, hence, PERMATWIT.

EvilSysop1 : Holy crap that Pabo Wakataeo guy just tried to get an account again and used his real name, phone number and address.

EvilSysop2 : Yeah, he's PERMATWITted. If we let him gain access to our crappy BBS the universe may unfold. *pushes coke-bottle bottom glasses towards his face and adjusts pens in his pocket protector*

EvilSysop1 : Yeah...we must protect the universe. *denies application* Protect the universe.
by mrd00d January 16, 2007
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