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A peach fish is the term used for an especially tasty and beautiful vagina, inside and out. It is especially attractive and often times rather moist.

A peach fish is the "ideal" vagina
Benji wanted to put his penis into her peach fish.
by Jessi Rose August 16, 2006
A slang term for a woman's genitalia, specifically when aroused. This is seen in Tom Robbins Still Life With Woodpecker (Bantam, 1980) as Princess Leigh-Cheri refers to her own bits as "the half-shellfish half-peach that occupied the warm, watery bowl of her nether regions" on page 20.
"She'd descovered that silk had a tendency to agitate the peachfish." (22-23)

"A sudden jolt shot through her peachfish, fuzz and fin." (73)
by Lady Jujube April 21, 2006
This is slang for cunt, pussy.
Heheh - her peachfish is shy but I coaxed it out of its hiding place
by Flock April 26, 2005