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Prescription Drug overdose
Since 1999, Prescription Drug overdoses (PDo's) have significantly increased. Each year more than 20,000 persons in the United States die from drug overdose.
by PHGINCmedia May 03, 2012
When a guy jacks off so hard while on (PDO - the greatest adult website of all time) he fills the house with...
wow that guy just PDOed
Wow see that guy he just PDOed!!
by Ucool May 30, 2003
perscription deoderant... for people who have waps (see waps)
i need some pdo for my waps!
by rancy April 11, 2005
The correct way of SAYING the short form of pissed off or pissed-off. Pronounced 'peed oh'. Many have put the 'd' sound at the end of the acronym which is truly incorrect. Much the same as 'O'd K' or 'owed kay' would not be correct when trying to say 'okayed' as in: "He okayed the project; we can start on Monday." Or: "He OK'd the project..."
To say 'pee owed' is as to lengthen it to 'piss offed.' Which makes absolutely no sense unless you are on acid or fried some other way.
"I am quite p'd o that I keep getting dick-lengthening spams in my email. So is my girlfriend Kim."
by psiscott2000 April 11, 2006
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