acronym for "Public Display of F*cking"
it's just plain inappropriate.
Can't give any, PDF-ers usually get arrested for indecent exposure.
by Teodoro November 25, 2007
Top Definition
Portable Document Format.
Makes documents portable as long as you install the necessary software. In other words, it is exactly the same as any other document format. Except it is more likely to bring your system to a grinding halt.
That idiot webmaster has put the files up in PDF. What's wrong with HTML?
by Chavish Hater December 19, 2005
Public Display of Fat - when a person is wearing clothing that does not cover all their curves in public. Thus, you see (usually undesirable) fat spillage.
Did you see that whale? She had major PDF!
by the thunderclap... sir August 22, 2010
Pretty Damn Fine.
Bro1: Broooo, that's one PDF biddie.
Bro2: Duuuude, I'd totally tap that.
by BAC6240 December 04, 2011
Pre Dump Fart- nasty smelling farts you get before taking a dump.
Ah dude I'm having nasty PDFs! Time to head to the can...
by k-thwarp June 02, 2010
Panty Dropping Factor- attractive traits that people have. Usually adds points to their PDF.
His hair adds like 30 PDF points.
by Plover January 28, 2014
Verb - (sounds like pidiff) To turn a document into a PDF
Will you pdf this for me?
by Happy Worker Bee November 15, 2011
Puff, Drink, Fuck...
Jason and Asstrada like to PDF, especially on the weekends.
by ChelseaSmiles March 17, 2010

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