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Public Display of Affection and Obscenity

PDAO babes
by Thandak November 03, 2008
12 3
Public Displays of Affection Online.

We get you're dating, so there's no need to profess your love to your bf/gf on your fb wall and/or status updates.
Status Update: PDAO

"Perfect weekend with my babe <3"
"Four more sleeps til I get to see my baby again."
"I have the best boyfriend ever."

Wall Posts: PDAO

"Had the best weekend with you baby, love you so much."

"I love you so friggin much my little munchie cake."
"Thanks booboo i lalala love you. I can't wait to get back to see your precious face <3 <3 <3"
"better get some snuggle time in, love you the mostest <3"
by FTG 1990 November 29, 2011
3 0
(n.) stands for personal discussion amongst ourselves. usually about private matters or just to bag people, with only a small group of close people. also known as dnm (deep and meaningful)

(v.) to have a personal discussion amongst ourselves.
let's have a p.d.a.o at lunch today.
i need to p.d.a.o with you later.
by pdao June 13, 2006
3 0