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Pronounced P B-cubed G.
Partially-burnt, buttered band geek - used to describe band geeks during marching season, when they have those oh-so-lovely band tans and lightened hair due to being outside so long
also Partially-burnt, buttered band groupie - used to describe that person who hangs out with the band a lot but isn't actually part of the band yet still has the same features as above
(sometimes misheard as BBQ'd G)
Band Geek: Look at my smexy marching tan!
non-Band Geek: You're such a PB^3G.

non-Band Geek 1: Why does he look like the other band kids? He's not even in band!
non-Band Geek 2: He's a PB^3G.
by cdubyouknow January 18, 2011
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