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A pain snail is a person who carries around too much emotional baggage and tends to be quite slow. Painsnails are always moaning about how miserable they are but never do anything to change things. A Painsnail often has low self esteem and low morals - Painsnails can not keep their pants on but almost always regret their encounters. They are incapable of holding down relationships and when in a relationship they mess it up for themselves by cheating.
There appears to be a "painsnail" in almost every TV drama.
by Ty Darblay May 05, 2005
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A Painsnail is a miserable person, who likes to inflict misery on others for their own pleasure. Two-Faced in nature, they split up freindships and relationships with their venomous lies and backstabbing tactics.
painsnail will tell friend x that freind y said something she didn't - then run to freind y and tell them the same thing about friend x!
by Nick June 12, 2006
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When a girl uses her genitals to leave a 'snail's trail' on a friend who is unconscious after a serious accident
Poor Dave got painsnailed the other day by some crazy bitch, this was after he fell off his bmx...
by feggef October 18, 2010
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