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Like a promise. Only stronger. Kind of like a swear. Only stronger. A PA- romise is the strongest swear, promis thing.
If you do not go through with a PA- romise, then everybody in the world has permmision to rape you hard. ^.^
Ken- Will you be at the movies tonight?
Barbie- Yes, i PA- romise!

(later that night)

Ken- Barbie is not here. She was supposed to be here one hour ago :(

(The next night, Rick raped Barbie.)

Rick- I only raped her because she broke a PA- romise with Ken.

Judge- WHAT!?!? She broke a PA- romise?! Okay then, Rick, you will not be charged. Barbie, you can go to hell.

(this all happened because Barbie PA- romised that she would be at the movies)
by jokerkid November 26, 2009
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