short for "probably"
shes pri @ the prty alrdy
by Mad Abbreviator May 08, 2010
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Top Definition
1. Party of the Revolution for Independence

2.Painful Rectal Itch
1.The P.R.I. lead Mexico's revolution for independence from Spain and then ruled Mexico for many years.

2. My hemorrhoids are acting up again, I'm suffering from P.R.I.
by Mr.Juan-derful January 09, 2010
Someone from tha 2400 Block.
My nigga toby love es un pri.
by 3W January 15, 2007
1.distinguishable from others: entirely different; distinct, unique.
1. I like the way he dresses; it's pris.

2. This painting is pris; I bet it costs a fortune.
by true ace August 22, 2006
"Pris" a (male), (prissy is a female)
"Pris" stuck up, goody-two-shoes, self-centered, all-knowing, hard to please bitch boy.
He's such a pris i can't take it!
Someone ought to take that fucken pris outside and beat his ass!!

Some pris boys holding up the line, he's needing special treatment!
by Donté November 13, 2013
Acronym for "Painful Rectal Itch"
I got some ointment for my PRI
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
Public Radio International, a developer and supplier of non-commercial audio content.
PRI has a more intelligent and sophisticated following than the sorts who listen to commercial radio stations.
by cazort September 15, 2003

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