P.L.U.C.K politically , lyeing,unholy,cowardly,killers . song by system of a down
while i was talking to my friend the song "P.L.U.C.K" came on the radio
by blah November 08, 2003
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Stands for "Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers." It is a song about the Armenien Genocide written by The metal band System of A Down, which are all Armenien Descent.
The song is the last track on their S/T Album
by Scott December 15, 2004
the trait of showing courage or determination in the face of injury or potential loss.
I can't find enough pluck to go and speak to her.
by joe216 November 13, 2005
A pluck IS A person that Indulges in CRACK COCCAINE and is a known thief in the area..
I need to find me a pluck get off this bomb ya digg.
by Joey Terror July 10, 2008
Pluck. The pluck is a form of walking. Very common in pigeons and chickens. Sounds like cluck. Some stupid poeple who want to look stupid may pluck (including me). Pluck can also be used as a substitute for any other doing word.
Person1: Hey check out that pigeon!
Person2: Yeah, man he's doing the pluck!


Boy1: Wow, she's fit.
Boy2: yeah, but you should see her walk, she plucks like a pigeon.


Husband: Bye, sweetheart, I'm goin to the store!
Wife: Okay, but pluck me some bread and extra absorbent tampons!


Hot Guy: So you wanna go out with me?
Hot Girl: Sure!
Hot guy: I'll pluck you at around seven.
Hot girl: sounds good, see ya.


Girl: I really need to pluck a boyfreind.
Girl2: Yeah. Whn i was with my ex al he said was hey you wanna pluck tonight? I was like NO WAY. I'm done plucking with you. Just pluck off yeah.
Girl1: You go girl.
Girl2: yeah i plucked this new boyfreind we drove in his pluck and when we arrived at his house we plucked out of the car and plucked to his house and that's where we plucked for the first time.
Girl1: *sniffles* that sounds so plucking romantic right there.
by The Olya December 14, 2007
People you sell weed to.
Damn yo i need another $60 to pay my phone bill, i needs to find me some plucks real quick
by TheKronz April 14, 2008
a gang that originated in canberra, austraila. they are know for their brutal violence and drive by shootings, and their sadistic trademark or ripping out peoples lungs and blowing them up like ballons. their gang coulor is purple and they have been know to carry around a giant banner of a pair of lungs that have been blown up.
"hey look at that dead guy, his lungs are missing"

"oh shit its the plucks, run away!"
by billyon January 11, 2007
One who is small or childish. Generally a boy. Usually scared of girls except blood relative like mother or sister. Sometimes abused by father. Often referred to as tiny one.
The word can even be modified to Plucker, Plook, or Plooker.
Young boy. Adolescence. CHILD!!!!!
For example: "That person is a Pluck!!!" or "Oh my God he wont stop playing that game, he is such a Plucker!!!"
by Jaggerr February 16, 2008

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