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An annoying young boy from camp who harrassed me this year and threw me in the lake last year.
Pip Dawes is an ass.
by Your Moma September 20, 2003
8 27
sort for "Pippin" which is a 1920s slang term for a very pretty girl.
"MAN! That girl is such a pip! Look at those boobs!"
by Houle Mckean July 19, 2006
44 64
Penile Insertion Potential
The potential of a given man to have sex with a certain girl. If the PIP is low, then sex is unlikely. If PIP is high, then the man will most likely bang her like a screen door in a hurricane.
Al: What's your PIP on that chick over there?
Bill: High. At least 8/10. I'd fuck her until my nuts fell off.
by nz March 11, 2004
83 112