a member of the band falloutboys fan club. mostly scene wannabe kids
yea i just joined the fanclub, now i am an official "overcast kid"
by mikey1654983 September 27, 2006
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The official fan club of the emo/softcore punk rock band Fall Out Boy.
"Oh man - I'm officially OCK 1337 now!"
"Dude, you wasted $30 on that?"
"...I got an Overcast Kids t-shirt for it..."
by Kate ['til the end] October 08, 2006
(n) Obsessive flock of Fall Out Boy Fans known for wearing Clandestine Industries hooded sweatshirts and homemade Team Naked Pics T-shirts 24/7. They tend to bee thirteen years old.
Drew: OHMYGOSH, look, I just got the latest CLANDESTINE HOODIE!
Jaymie: Sweet man!
Josh: Overcast kids.
by scenexx November 03, 2007

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