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An over-the-counter pill-popper is a specific type of pill popper that is addicted to only legal over-the-counter pills and so does not need a doctor's prescription to get pills. Instead they go from pharmacy to pharmacy buying over the counter pills. They need to keep rotating between many pharmacies to avoid being recognised by staff, or they get friends and family to buy pills for them. The time spent going to different pharmacies keeps increasing as the addiction increases until a disproportionate amount of work and free time is spent doing this. As the person is not necessarily under a GP serious damage can be done with high dosages over a prolonged period which goes unnoticed. Examples include people addicted to Codine (used as a downer) and or Pseudoephedrine (used as an upper) etc. these do not need prescriptions from a GP to buy at a pharmacy in the UK.
The UK government is creating an epidemic of over-the-counter pill-poppers by not following the rest of the workd by making addictive pills like codine and Pseudoephedrine prescription only medicines.
by Luca9 August 29, 2013