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When a person is extremely sexually attractive. To emphasize exactly how hot a person is, the words over and bridge can be stretched out. Additional expressions derived from this term include "On the bridge" for someone who is decently attractive but not a super-hottie, "Under the Bridge" or "Swimming" for someone who is just a disgusting ugly troll, holding no sexual appeal at all, and "Miles from Water" for someone who just isn't trying.
Nathan: "Holy shit! Did you see that girl!"
Dylan:"Hell yeah! Over the Bridge!"
Miles: "Look at that warthog!"
Zach:"Bitch is swimming, bro. She's so far under the bridge she hit seafloor."
by JewAtLarge July 07, 2010
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When someone is very very good-looking. Variations include "under the bridge" and "kinda on the bridge", meaning being very very un-good-looking, or average looking.
Damn! Alexa's mom is ooooooooover the bridge.

Girl 1: he's pretty hot right?
Girl 2: ehh, he's on the bridge.
by Chupicabra July 03, 2010
Someone who is extremely good looking
syn:hot, sexy, attractive, JUST DANG!
Wow dude, check out that girl over there, she's so over the bridge
by lorali2010 July 05, 2010

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