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Insert your well lubricated erect cock into your girls Vagina, wrap one hand around her hair and with a good hard, fast, doggy style rhythm pounding. Part way through the screwing, before you get off pull out of her Vagina. Send the next stroke all the way up in her Anus(cornhole) in one continuous stroke without slowing down or losing your rhythm. (good lubrication is required on penis before you start)

Going the Distance is when switching from Vagina to Anus. After placing your Cock in her Anus you must maintain Anus penetration without slipping out. Both hands must be on her, one hand holding on to her hair and the other placed on her hips for control. Maintain your ride for eight seconds.

Also, she cannot know ahead of time exactly when your going to switch cock positions.
After a long night at the Osceola County Rodeo in Kissimmee Florida. A wannabe Cowboy takes his Cowgirl home for a HOT round of Osceola Bronco Sex - Going the Distance.
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