Orleans: some town on a giant piece of sand that tourists visit religiously. Orleans is composed of four parts: old people, tourists, us kids (crazy and not), and more old people. We kids are always looking for fun in some form of another. One example: surfing the many pavement waves in Orleans. Whenever we cruise the streets of Orleans (whether in the way or not of a car) our fun is noisily interrupted by the annoying sound of a car horn. It would be no surprise that an old person, or a tourist sat behind the wheel muttering (or shouting) CRAZY KIDS!!! Don't get the wrong picture; Orleans isn't THAT bad (honestly). Sure, we have beaches, beaches, and beaches. Did I mention beaches? Tourists LOVE beaches I repeat LOVE them (with a passion). Whenever a tourist passed by they would usually stop (recognizing you as a local) and ask for directions to the beach. Never fails to surprise me to this day (sarcastically). Usually locals just point towards where they know the beach is through a natural sense all Cape Coders have. When you are at the beach you can witness MANY things. Such as, sunsets, sun rises (less known); view fish and natural wildlife (stay away from the piping plovers though!) Other than the beaches of Cape Cod, we have a nice little town center (which keeps the kids occupied.) The kids of Cape Cod (in their right mind) call this place O-Town. O-Town is a "hip" abbreviation that is used possibly to take your mind off of the old people and how they are affiliated with the (dull) name: Orleans. Old people are cool, although there are those certain few that want to rain on everyone's parade. You can mow their lawns for a reasonable price and if you're lucky score a piece of candy while you're at it! In O-Town, kids like to hang out (period). Most of us kids are misunderstood to be out "looking for trouble" that is often in our terms called in many different forms: fun. Fun in O-Town consists of hanging out with your friends and going to different places such as Nicks Coin-A-Wash. Some kids misuse their "freedom" in O-Town and vandalize. Vandalizing is not for my friends and me. Although most people (usually old) consider us rascals although, we are "perfect angels." For many reasons, my experience in O-Town or Orleans for that matter, has been fun (and still is).
Orleans, a place for old people. O-Town (Orleans town center) a place for fun.
by mike2w December 08, 2005
Top Definition
Most fascinating, pretty name. An Orlean would be a glamorous female.
Orlean is very glam
by averycoolpersonlala November 23, 2010

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