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It's when you nod off for those few precious seconds after a really intense orgasm.

But there's more to be said.

It's a delicate dance your dick throbs satisfyingly to as you find yourself flirting between consciousness and death; fighting to fade back blissfully into nothingness, while you muster every bit of energy to keep your body going on.

You could dance between the binary states, life and death, for a couple of seconds, but if you don't pull yourself together soon enough, you'd be that dead wimp who proves you don't need a plastic back to choke yourself to death.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh ... Noureen!!!!!


*fade out*
*fade in*
*fade out*

*fade in*

Intense!!!! Best frickin' Orgasmic Black Out ever!
by Der Gelb Baron November 19, 2011
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