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A group of friends who act like different types of Oreo's or stereotyped races. Golden Oreo- Acts white on the inside and white on the outside often a stereotypical white girl who likes Starbucks, Nutella, Ugg boots and boy bands. Inside out Oreo- Is a white girl on the outside but act's like a black girl often listening to rap music, has a nice ass to twerk and uses the word ratchet. Reg Oreo- Is black on the outside and only once in awhile acts black while the rest of the time shes going to Starbucks and taking selfies.
Hailey (inside out Oreo) - Sipping Starbucks while listening to ghetto music.
Sam (Golden Oreo)- Posting pictures of her Starbucks Frap on Instagram.
Tiana (Reg Oreo)- Admiring her Ugg boots while sometimes using the word ratchet.
Together they form a Oreo squad.
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
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