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During sex, the man will raise both arms simultaneously. The man proceeds to make two fists and punch his female partner in the face. The man does this just as he is about to finish cumming. The cum is applied to the bridge of the woman's nose. The cum is the fillings, the black eyes are the sweet cookie outside.
I Oreo Blasted a homeless woman last night.
by oreo blaster December 31, 2009
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Oreo blast is when you are doing anal with a girl and she BM's on the shaft of your penis right as your about to ejaculate, then you "blast" it all over her face and swirl it together with the tip of the penis/scrotum. The final product will resemble the tasty treat from sonic, hence the name.

Double stuff Oreo blast is when two gentlemen perform an Oreo blast simultaneously. This later technique is not to be taken lightly, and requires some practice.
I heard Chancy got oreo blasted by Davis, that's nasty.

Marcy likes to oreo blast twice a week, she's a FRIZEAK.

Amanda got double stuffed oreo'ed by Aamodt and DeShea, ouch.

Kyla, nah she won't let me do the oreo blast on her. She's not into weird shit.
by UNKNOWNSENDER4857-GB September 24, 2009
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