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Order Ov Kish, sometimes shortened to O.O.K. is a movement, organization and a collective that harbors, develops and promotes Kish Kraft, street magic, spirituality through madness and Blind Idiot Art. Members of the O.O.K., or Kishites (sometimes Kishians, or Martyrs) have extensive underground background in Chaos Magic and occultism, but also in music, poetry, street art and unachorable insanity.
They are believed to be the new wave of spirituality to hit the earth under the Aeon ov Kish.
-Everything is going great with me, and my wife and kids, but I just feel so empty inside...there is no adventure anymore, everything turned into a routine...
-You should check out the Order Ov Kish... after reading some of their articles and poems I feel like I can do anything...very empowering
#o.o.k #order of kish #kish #kish kraft #blind idiot art
by blocksterlocc August 21, 2010
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