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Some people may tell you it is "sunkist" or might pronounce it "orange drink" but no. it is ORANGE DRANK.
Orange drank is orange soda. It is not orange juice, if it were we would ask for orange JUICE.
ya heard?
"I found the orange drank! It was under the sprite! Fuckin' sweet!"

by dobbl dee May 08, 2008
Non-alcholic beverage purchasable at such fine establishments as McDonald's and neighborhood corner markets. Named after its orange appearance in color.
Hi-C Orange AKA Orange Drank
by WLJ July 03, 2009
a type of liquid formation of oxycodine. very much like Purple drank except the actual medicine is used for treating migranes apposed to being cough medicine.

orange drank is only orange drank if you mix it with sprite anddd add a few jollyranchers for true flavoring.

makes you very relaxed.
down south they got the purple drank, but in newengland we got that orange drank.
by jamal lewisford October 16, 2007
Orange Juice, Orange flavored Smirnoff, and Delsums Cough Syrup all mixed into one drink. Created by Gang Green, a growing name rap group from Michigan.
So what you got a full bank? So I got that Orange Drank!
by Kid Marvel October 11, 2006
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